Choosing The Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Choosing The Perfect Bedroom Furniture

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Jun 19th

When it comes to purchasing furniture, the bedroom tends to be one of the most overlooked parts of the home. So whether it be overwhelming or simply something you've never thought of, diving head first into bedroom furniture  can be quite a learning experience. 

Do you know the difference between a bedside chest or a table? 

What about the significant differences between a dresser and a chest? 

Do you know what a chifforobe is?

So if you don't have the slightest clue as to what we're talking about, have no fear. We're going to explain what you should look for when finding the best furniture for your bedroom - and how to arrange it properly.

In Bedroom Media

A media chest is a fantastic way to provide entertainment in the bedroom. These provide storage for Blu-ray players, DVD players, and additional space for cords. These chests tend to considerably smaller than regular chests, at they're intended to be at a practical viewing height. If such a chest doesn't interest you, stacking your entertainment devices on a media shelf or dresser works fine as well.

Armoires, Dressers, and Chests

Sawyer 6 Drawer Dresser

Given the vast amount of storage capabilities, it all boils down to what works best for you and how it looks in your living arrangement. Chests tend to be taller, which makes them perfect for individuals with limited space. Dressers tend to be wider and operate better than chests when being shared with more than one person. An armoire is a fantastic option for those who need to have clothes hung up to avoid wrinkles. Although many combine these separate pieces together, it all depends on how much space is available in your bedroom.

Bedside Chests & Nightstands

Excluding bedding arrangement, the nightstand might be one of the most important aspects of a bedroom. Whether it be something that supports a lamp, an alarm clock, a place to put your phone, or a place to lay a book, a nightstand is almost an extension of the bed. For a master bedroom, two nightstands are necessary for both sides of the bed so there's enough space for individuals to rest easy and store their property.

So while you are searching for furniture to put beside your bed, it's important to identify the difference between bedside chests and nightstands. So how are they different? Well, although both are similar when it comes to their width, a nightstand tends to be shorter and carries open space below. A bedside chest tends to be taller and offer several drawers for the storage of various items.

Bedding Options

Before you decide on the bed you want to sleep on, it's important to imagine the footboard and headboard options available on the market that would be right for you. 

Do you want a headboard that blocks a window? 

Is your bed too short and you're looking for a low footboard that allows more space for stretching? 

Are you sick of neatly tucking in blankets at the foot of the bed and want a high footboard to eliminate such a tedious task? 

Once you ask yourself such questions, you'll find it much easier to provide yourself with an answer as to what you're looking for.

In addition to selecting the type of bedding you want, buying such furniture allows you to consider purchasing a new mattress altogether. So if this happens to be your case, keep it in the back of your mind as you shop for a new footboard and headboard.

Furniture Styles

Next, it's time to decipher the style or look you'd want for your bedroom. 

Are you interested in having a traditional bed that's stately?

Are you looking for a more modern, sleek look to your bedroom that allows you to properly express yourself? 

What about pieces that are a bit more on the transitional side? 

So as you digest these questions, think about how such new looks will bode with the decor, fixtures, and furniture you plan on holding on to.


So before you start spending money on bedroom furniture, measure the space you have to work with. Once you get an idea of the measurements, write them down or even make a small blueprint of your room. Doing so will not only make it easier when shopping, but you'll have an idea of how much space you'll have in your bedroom to fill with great looking furniture.

Considering the information above, there's plenty of ways one can spruce up their bedroom. Thankfully, Impress Home Design is here to help you do so. Contact us today for further information!