Four Considerations When Shopping for Furniture Online

Four Considerations When Shopping for Furniture Online

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Jul 30th

When purchasing furniture for a home, online shopping has become increasingly more popular among many. However, there's still quite a few who are on the fence when it comes to shopping online for their furniture due to the risks and potential issues that could arise from ordering a large product that one hasn't seen in person. Thankfully, we're going to walk you through the process so that you can shop for furniture online with confidence. So with this being said, here's a look at how to shop for furniture online with confidence.

Investigate The Return Policy

Many put the idea of returning a piece of furniture into the furthest recess of their mind. However, it's important to read the furniture return policy to understand what you'll have to do in the event your item is not what you expected. Key factors to look for include are:

  • Do they have a return policy?
  • If so, do they have a time frame for the return?
  • Are there fees for returning items?
  • How does the return process operate
  • When will you receive a refund?

If you can have these questions answered in their return policy, you can exhale after you do your research and click the "buy now" button.

See It In Real Life

If possible, try to see the item you're looking to purchase in real life. Many online retailers try to have the furniture in the most favorable light and placement possible to make you want to grab your wallet. Sadly, many fall for this trap and get a piece of furniture that looks nothing like they expected. So to avoid this issue, try to see the item in person if possible. If you don't have any luck doing that, do an image search of the item if possible to get an idea of the look and the height of the item in a nonprofessional studio.

Investigate Customer Reviews

A product listing is going to make a product look great no matter what it is. That's right, a product listing will promise just about everything you've ever dreamed of in a piece of furniture. However, it's the product reviews that you should really be investing your time in. Why? Well, that's where you'll oftentimes find stories that don't match up with what's described in the sales listing. Customers can get real about the product and explain their experience since purchasing it.

So once you find the furniture you may not be able to live without, investigate the customer reviews. Try to shoot for items that have several reviews and read over what customers have to say carefully. If many customer reviews share the same pattern as far as perks or disappointments, weigh the good and the bad to sort out an opinion about the furniture. However, expect some poor reviews on furniture because individuals tend to air their misgivings on public forum for the world to see in the event they're dissatisfied with a product. If a poor customer review really doesn't sit well with you, you might be better off passing on the item.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Even if you're not shopping for furniture online, measuring once, twice, or even three times is necessary to make sure that the furniture will fit well in your home. This is especially true when you're shopping online, because you don't have the advantage of seeing what the furniture looks like online. So given this scenario, you'll have to measure (and use a bit of imagination) to get an idea of what you'll be adding to your home.

So once you find the piece of furniture online that would look fantastic in your home, look at the product listings so you can decipher the dimensions. If you're not having any luck finding the dimensions, then you're better off passing on the item. If you find the dimensions of the furniture you've found online, take some painter's tape (or use some string) to create a layout that will help you visualize how the furniture will look in your home. If what you're buying happens to extend or recline, make sure that the largest version of the product is being accounted for. Once you do this, do it all over again to make sure your estimates were correct.

Keep in mind that you'll have to accredit for other measurements as well. If the furniture isn't coming disassembled, measure the stairs and the doorways to make sure the item will fit in your home.

In consideration of the information above, there's plenty of things one can do to safely shop for furniture online. Thankfully, Impress Home Design is here to do exactly that. So if you aren't sure if the furniture you want is the right fit or if you want to try it out in person, come and visit our showroom so we can help you come to a conclusion in regard to what furniture will be perfect for your home.