How to Decorate Your Dining Room

How to Decorate Your Dining Room

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Apr 26th

Springtime is upon us meaning curtains and windows are being throw open, heavy coats are being shed, and home improvement projects are in full swing. Most people are looking to clean out their homes and freshen up the look. A great way to do this is by decorating your dining room table. Having fresh décor to look at while eating dinner can refresh the spirit without putting a huge dent in the bank. If you are looking to decorate your dining room table, follow the steps below to make it as stylish and unique as you are.

Start your decorating project by first cleaning your dining room table. Though this sounds mundane, it can be terribly frustrating to put a lot of work into decorating only to later notice that there are dirty spots. Take out a wash cloth and some mild soap and wipe down the entire table, including legs and the chairs. If your table is some type of wood, wipe it with a fragranced furniture polish afterward, such as lemon or orange. This will give it a nice smell and a nice shine, which are very important foundations when it comes to decorating a dining room table.

Next, consider a table runner, placemats or a table cloth. All three are great decorating option, but it is best to choose one that fits your lifestyle so that it is easier to maintain. For instance, if young children will be sitting there, a table cloth would probably be the best option. If you host fancy parties, a beautiful table runner would be a good choice. You might even try different combinations of the three such as a complementary runner on top of a table cloth, or a runner and placemats. Layers can make a very bold and unique statement. Generally, however, leaving the table bare will take attention away from the rest of the decorations you add.

Before moving on, you should determine what look you are going for. If you want a classy, refined look, you will want to choose colors that portray that such as black, silver, white, gold, and so on. If you are going for bold and fun, you have an entire rainbow of colors at your fingertips. Your desired look should guide the remainder of your decorating. If your mind is coming up blank, glance through some magazine photos or even Google images for some inspiration.

Now that you have your look in mind, it is time to choose a focal point for your table. Flowers will always be a classic option. You may choose more subtle colors or add an arrangement that includes blues, oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows. Flowers are not the only choice, however. You might choose a beautiful candle set, a gift from your child, a rare piece of china, or any number of things. Your focal point should express your style and your desired look. You may also choose to add a focal point to the wall around your table, such as a beautiful or unique piece of art, or a fun photograph.

You may choose to stop with that one piece in the center of the table, but most decorations run along the center of the table to both side. Some people like to keep placemats, and some beautiful china and champagne glasses sitting at each seat. Another beautiful idea is to line candles or tea lights down the center of the table surrounded by faux ivy. Lining up seashells that you found along the beach or other souvenirs from family vacations make unique and personal table decorations. Fruit, fake or real, makes a nice table liner.

Your dining room table decorations can be as quirky and unique or as classy and refined as you want them to be. You might decide to try out a few different decoration themes before zeroing in on one as your main one. The most important part is to enjoy the decorations you place. There are a couple of tips for placing your decorations. First, be sure they are not so high that they interfere with making eye contact with others around the table. No one wants to talk to the centerpiece. Second, when choosing colors, it is not necessary for everything to match. You can have loads of fun with colors, just be sure they complement one another. Clashing colors will detract from the beauty you have worked hard to place. Third, have fun with this project. No decorating is worth the time and trouble if you do not enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards.