How to Incorporate Colour Into Your Living Room

How to Incorporate Colour Into Your Living Room

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Apr 25th

When it comes to interior decorating, purposeful furniture arrangements and decorous colours top the list in design priorities. Decor trends of 2019 differ from those of 2018 as interior decorators strive to achieve bolder, fresher looks and vibrant, colorful spaces. This is especially true for the most used and popular room in the house -- the living room.

2019 Living Room Colour Trends

According to Domino, the living room colour trends you'll see everywhere in 2019 include:

  • Jewel tones. What is a jewel tone? Jewel tones are the radiant and richly saturated hues named after your favorite gems including sapphire blue, citrine yellow, amethyst purple, emerald green, and ruby red.
  • More white. Starting withthe walls and then going straight to accessories, decorators are implementing white into their living room color schemes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Colorful couches. From royal blue to fire-engine red, furniture showrooms are filled with vibrant looking couches and loveseats. These pieces add character to the living room as designers make the bold choice to go the colorful route.

But what are the different ways a designer can incorporate bright colours in their living room?


Incorporating bright colours in your living room starts with natural light. Opening the drapes or blinds and letting in the natural light will brighten almost any colour. Bright light from lamps or subtle light from candles is also a sure way to display the beauty of your room's colours.

Colorful Furniture

Another way of incorporating vibrant colours in your living room space is to choose colorful furniture. Not all furniture pieces have to have monochromatic hues or boring, old tones. Everything from sofas and loveseats to armchairs and end tables can be colorful, thus adding a spark of colorful magic to your living room.

But you can do more than that to colour your living room with bold hues from all across the spectrum!

9 Primary Ways to Incorporate Bright Colour in Your Living Room

  1. Throws and Throw Pillows. Throws, blankets and throw pillows may be just the key to your colorful living room.
  2. Lamps and Lampshades. Not only do lamps provide light, but the lampshades and the lamp base can also provide colour, thus brightening up your living room.
  3. Artificial Flowers and Foliage. Flowers and foliage are sure to brighten up any room, whether artificial or real. Not only can flowers and foliage add color, but so can the vase, basket, or hanger they sit in.
  4. Wall Art. So much colour can come from wall art including paintings, pictures, and even the picture frames. From oil paintings to wall signs and from wall panels to tapestries, wall art is a sure way of incorporating a splash of vibrant colour to your living room.
  5. Drapes, Blinds, and Valances. Surrounding the entrance of natural light are drapes, blinds, and/or valances. Coming in different colours, patterns, and materials, these accessories have the potential of being just what you need to make your living room space radiantly colored.
  6. Wallpaper and Borders. Though neither used nor as popular as they were in the past, wallpaper and wall borders can surely be a useful way of adding the colour you need to make your living room the colorful space you want.
  7. Wall and Ceiling Paint. Before designers begin to even contemplate what furniture will fill the space or what accessories they'll use to compliment it, they consider different colours to determine the room's appropriate colour scheme. Ceilings can also be painted or designed, thus adding more character and vibrancy to the room. Colour schemes can be based on:
    • Analogous Colours
    • Nature
    • Complementary Colours
  8. Wall accessories. Anything hung on the walls can be colorful. Outside of the previously mentioned tips and tricks, colours can also be implemented in living room decor with:
    • Clocks
    • Sconces
    • Shelving Units
  9. Rugs. Just like the rest of the living room, an important part of your space to give decorating consideration to is the floor. From geometric designs to solid colours, rugs provide an ample opportunity to incorporate radiant colours to your room.

The Science of Colour

It's important to know the science behind colour to maximize the vibrancy of your living room. How colour behaves in relation to other colours and shapes is critical to the radiance of your room. The science of colour includes:

  • Colour Theory. Color theory creates a logical structure for color. According to, "Color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts, and design applications...However, there are three basic categories of color theory that are logical and useful: the color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used."
  • Colour Wheel. The colour wheel is a color circle, based on red, yellow and blue, [and] is traditional in the field of art. According to, "In reality, any color circle or color wheel which presents a logically arranged sequence of pure hues has merit". The colour wheel consists of three colour categories: primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours.
  • Colour Harmony. Colour harmony is the theory of combining colours in a fashion that is harmonious to the eye -- the colours that work well together.
  • Colour Context. Colour context is how color behaves in relation to other colors and shapes, a complex area of color theory.

Learning the science of colour can be a great way to maximize the benefits of any colour's vibrancy and radiance, no matter how it's used in the living room.

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