How To Select Your Next Sofa

How To Select Your Next Sofa

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Apr 11th

Is it time for a new look in your home? With Spring here, it is time to upgrade your living room and get yourself a new sofa. Sofas are central to the look of your living room, as they are often sitting center and the most used furniture piece by family and friends who are visiting. While customers of Impress Home Design understand the luxury and quality they will receive with one of our sofas it is important to consider other features that will assist them with purchasing the perfect sofa for their home. Before considering the following features, keep in mind the use of your sofa and which room it will be placed in your home.


First and foremost you need to determine what your size range is for a sofa in terms of length and width. You want your sofa to fit appropriately in the room without taking up too much square footage, minimizing walking room. For example, you do not want to get one that is oversized for your living area and eliminating the space. Determine if your current sofa is the appropriate size for your living room. If so, use that size as a guide when shopping for sofas. Also, measure that sofa so that you know the right length and width that you would like to purchase again.


Not all sofas come in the same shape. By shape, you should consider things like the arm placement on the sofa, if it is lower for lounging or a tight back for a formal look. If you plan to lounge frequently on the sofa or use it for more than a formal seating area, the shape and placement for arms and back will impact the shape of your sofa. Depending on the use you will have for your sofa, consider the overall shape.


If you are looking at purchasing a sectional sofa for your living area, consider the orientation of your room and the area in which you will be placing the sofa. The sofa has the ability to have pieces and can have a variety of directions. They can include corner sections to change the shape of the sofa, or come with an attached ottoman for the left or right side. For living rooms that are designed at unique angles, you may need to consider a sofa that has the ability to have its orientation shifted to fit the room. This is essential for the look of the room and maximizing both walking and living space in the area.


In addition to size, the material is one of the leading features to consider when purchasing a sofa. Common types of sofa materials include polyester, and velvet is popular among customers and are the leading materials in luxury sofas from Impress Home Design.

  • Usage
  • Microfibers vs. Textured Fabrics
  • Leather

If your sofa is going into a living area that will often be utilized and frequently, that must be considered when determining the material that you desire. For rooms that have only formal and minimal uses, the more delicate materials are more appropriate.

For the areas that are used more frequently, consider your microfiber material options. These fabrics are designed to withstand heavier traffic and use on a regular basis. They are also much easier to clean. Textured fabrics are also durable and stand strong against being worn.

A leather sofa has the ability to be durable and stylish, which is why it is one of the more popular options. Leather features a material that is perfect for high and light traffic living areas and is easy to clean.


Do you have a style or theme in your living area. If you enjoy a modern or chic look for your home, consider this when purchasing a sofa. Some leading sofa styles are:

  • Modern Chic
  • Camelback
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Chesterfield
  • Tuxedo
  • Bridgewater

From the throw pillows to the arch of the sofa back, consider which sofa achieves your theme. When you have determined which style you desire for your area, limit your search to only these sofas to determine which is the right one for your home.


Color is an important feature when determining a sofa. For customers with pets and children, darker sofa options are better to conceal wear and tear while maintaining the attractiveness of the sofa. It is important to note though that materials such as leather can be dyed, and have the ability to be purchased in more vibrant options such as reds, blues, and greens. For the bolder clients, this option is essential because it adds character and depth to the living area style that is being achieved.

You Are Ready To Purchase

Purchasing a sofa can be a daunting task, as there are so many beautiful options to consider. However, you can narrow the search and make it an easier task. Consider the above features when you are purchasing your next sofa. When you made a determination on your sofa's purpose, you can filter your search options by size, shape, orientation, material, style and color to purchase the perfect sofa.