How to Turn Your Vancouver Condo Into a Haven of Design

How to Turn Your Vancouver Condo Into a Haven of Design

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 May 24th

Vancouver is a vanguard of style, and everyone should get in on the fun. Your Vancouver condo can become a haven of design if you take advantage of the natural style elements that are in your living space. Whether you are downsizing or finding your way into your first home, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg or sacrifice any of your preferred style to have an aesthetically pleasing, functional place to call home.

You can get the same look from the magazines going completely DIY as well. If you are on a budget, then you can save a huge amount of money getting your own decor and furnishings together. Take the time to plan, and you can make up for any space constraints that you might have as well. Here are a few of the best ideas from top interior designers for your Vancouver condo.

Combine Your Furniture into a New Idea

You don't have to buy any new pieces in order to get a new look. One of the best ideas from many interior design experts is to combine multiple pieces of furniture into a single piece. For instance, you might take small dressers that are of similar size and screw them together for a customized cabinet. You can create a more uniform feel for this piece with a simple paint job, or you might swap a few pieces of the hardware to create a uniform design. This is a great move if your furniture is coming from box stores, because you will be able to customize a bit of glam into the template design.

If you have a small budget, hire a professional to mount a marble slab across the top of your new creation. This new countertop can serve as a conversation piece on its own before you even find the accents to put on top of it.

Your Coffee Tables

If you are hurting for space in your condo, then you need some innovative ways to create more storage. The right coffee tables can give you this hidden space without you spending a lot of money on new furniture, or worse, having to knock out walls. Even if you have coffee tables without an opportunity for storage, you can create it through a relatively inexpensive second shelf addition. Your local hardware pro can cut this for you, and some might even do it completely free if you measure the distance yourself.

Natural wood is best if you are creating a second shelf. It is simpler to add to a coffee table if you are a weekend warrior because it is more forgiving. Use the L-brackets that you can find in any hardware store and knock it out.

Upgrading the Bookshelf

Bookshelves give you extra storage space - this is their obvious functional feature. However, the more important style features you get from your bookshelves are dimension and depth. You can place accent pieces vertically, and you can open the room up with the appropriate use of space on each shelf.

If you are on a budget, you can purchase metal shelves for less money than wood shelving. Once you apply a good coat of paint, no one will be able to tell the difference! Colors that are trending today include olive (more subdued and earthy) and rose pink (hot, bold, urban and futuristic). You can create a very boutique kind of look with the right objects on your shelves, and you can ground the rest of the room as well.

Using Pillows as Central Decor

The idea of a body pillow as a central feature in your room may not immediately set off wedding bells. However, consider this perspective from professionals: You can actually apply a coat of fabric paint or a coat of chalk over a body pillow for an attractive new piece that has the ability to go anywhere in the room. Using a body pillow instead of a regular pillow is actually preferred here, because you make a real statement with the size of the pillow once it is painted.

When you use body pillows, you can still create a very comfortable piece of furniture along with an accent piece. Depending on the room that you are accenting, you will match the color to the scheme and the idea of the space. For instance, the bedroom may warrant a coat of navy blue or grey. In the more public facing living area, you may use a hotter color to guide the eye to the space.

Using an Entryway Bench

You can take an understated wood bench from your local hardware store and create a vibrant entryway. All that you really need is a bright coat of paint. It does not even matter if you get a used bench with bad upholstery or legs with a bit of wear and tear. It is actually better if you purchase an unassembled bench, because you can paint each leg individually. Because this is the entryway, you can use a louder color like blue or orange.

After the paint job, you can apply a new upholstery with your favorite type of material. You have the ability to think outside of convention here. You can use an oversized scarf, a shower curtain, a patterned fabric or even a tablecloth to create a great look. Use staples or a hot glue gun to put your creation over the original upholstery.

Creating the perfect condo is just as much an art form as it is a science. Use the tips above as a starting point to whet your imagination's appetite for even more innovation. Keep in mind that you can get ideas from the outside, but you are the person who has to live in this space every day! Make yourself happy first, never give into the temptation to keep up with the Joneses, and you will certainly turn your Vancouver condo into the haven of design that it was meant to be.