Selecting The Right Furniture For Your 'Man-Cave'

Selecting The Right Furniture For Your 'Man-Cave'

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2019 Feb 28th

Man-caves give the men of a home a place to escape that is all their own. Whether you're a husband designing a cave that's just for you or you'd like to share your man-cave with your sons, friends, and male relatives, you need to consider what furnishings you pick for the space. The right furniture won't just give your space the masculine look you're after, it will also put up with years of wear and tear without showing its age. Consider these pieces from Impress Home Design for your man-cave.

A Leather Sofa

Start with the seating, arguably the centerpiece of the entire man-cave (aside from your big screen TV of course). Leather is unmistakably masculine, and it's much more comfortable than fabric for a long day of catching up with your favorite sports teams. Look for a sofa with clean, straight lines to base your decor around. Our Dino Sofa is a great example of this style. If you're more of an overstuffed sofa fan, consider a cushy sectional that is easily expanded to include seating for all the guys.

Sturdy Shelving

Whether you love to hunt, watch and play sports, collect model airplanes, or have any other hobby, you'll want plenty of space for displaying your most treasured possessions. Large and sturdy wall-mounted and freestanding shelves ensure you can show off your firearms, team pennants, or fly-fishing lures with pride. The ash wood we use for our Helga shelving unit will blend in well with any decorating scheme you choose, while the widely set shelves are more than large enough to display anything you like. The two hidden shelves also help you keep important items out of view.

Coffee Table

Not only will you be arranging your favorite drinks and snacks on your man-cave coffee table, there's a good chance you'll be putting your feet up on it too. Our cultured marble topped designs, such as the Bianca in Silver and Jazz White, are tough enough to handle this kind of use on a daily basis. They're also easy to wipe clean with just a damp rag, making it as easy as possible to get your man-cave ready for hosting guests when it's time for the big game. If marble's not your thing, you might love the rugged good looks of our sleek black Cook coffee table instead. The oval shape is reminiscent of a high-top bar table, but at the perfect height so you can grab the remote in a hurry to hit the replay button on a great catch or pass.

The Recliner

It's not just a recliner--it's your throne. Nothing's quite as comfortable, whether you're playing video games or just catching a quick nap, as an oversized recliner with plenty of adjustment options for both the foot rest and the back. For optimal comfort, make sure you get a recliner that fits your weight and height. Big and tall recliners may cost a little more, but they'll also last longer due to stronger framing and thicker cushioning.

If your man-cave doesn't have room for both a sofa and recliner, consider a sectional with reclining seats built in. Our Waller sectional sofa is a great example of this style, and it even features fine leather upholstery for that quintessential man-cave style.

TV Stands

Wall-mounted flat screens may not strictly need a stand to hold them up, but a media console is still an essential piece of furniture for the man-cave. Whether you need to store video game consoles, media center computers, cable and streaming video devices, or any other devices that connect to the TV, a stylish console is a must. The Mason's deep drawers help you organize an entire Blu-Ray collection out of sight, while the recessed central shelf is ready for your favorite media device. This sleek white media console can also support plenty of weight if you prefer not to use wall-mounting hardware for your television.

A Home Bar

No room in the house deserves its own bar more than the man-cave. Even if you're not an alcohol drinker, a home bar is a great place for serving informal meals to friends, gathering for a chat, playing board games, and blending up tasty drinks of all kinds. The bar is also the single piece of furniture that is likely to cost the most out of everything you choose for furnishings. Prepare to spend at least a few thousand dollars to get a durable and well-built bar. Many people are surprised to find that custom-built bars are often the same price, or even less expensive, than finished models coming from a major manufacturer. Paying a contractor to build a bar from scratch can also solve a lot of delivery and installation questions, especially if your man-cave is up or down a flight of stairs or otherwise difficult to access directly.

When you're ready to furnish your man-cave, give us a visit here at Impress Home Design. Our showroom is organized into real life room displays, helping you imagine exactly what each sofa or coffee table would look like in your home.