The Top Influential Modern Style Instagram Accounts

The Top Influential Modern Style Instagram Accounts

Posted by Impress Home Design On 2018 Apr 20th

Since its inception in October of 2010, Instagram has become the world’s fastest growing social media platform, and the #1 choice of legions of millennial users, youth brands, start-ups, and organizations with vast market share on their minds.

With over 800 million monthly active users , and 500 million daily active users, use of this engaging photo-based channel is justified by the other 8 million business profiles that not only take advantage of the vast potential for traffic-building, but for finding inspiration, enjoying networking opportunities, and finding ways to better connect with a global audience.

In the realm of modern design and the Pinterest-empire that has typified the furniture and interior design world, Instagram is a welcome, yet often neglected outlet for creative inspiration and thought. In this post, we’re profiling the best modern style Instagram accounts the internet has to offer. If you’re not following these individuals and brands - you should be.


Formerly, @ledgelovespace, the Instagram home of Jane Ledger is a beacon of inspired interior design utilizing geometry, organic textures, linear lines, rich and dramatic colour palettes, and mid-century architectural sensibility. Based out of Australia's major city centres, namely Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, Ledger’s account is a well-curated glace at interior design done right with a focus on simplicity and clarity.


Sleek and clean-cut modernist design emanating from the London Borough of Hackney. Sophie Pearce presents modern furniture and architectural aesthetics in a studio setting, accentuating the strength of their skeletal forms and bringing forward the simple joy in good design. A true master of composition and staging, her account showcases these geometrically-inspired shapes in a way that makes it difficult to ignore the power of presentation.


HOM content creator and interior designer, Amy Kim, is an immensely popular LA-based blogger and traveller. Her style of design presentation is rooted in accessories, amenities, and furniture in a way that highlights real-life personality and lifestyle. The success of her account lies in the simple fact that she allows these unique spaces to speak, rather than speak for them; and that, is what makes a good visual storyteller. Her posts are packed with youthful, fresh, urban-inspired spaces that bring life to an engulfing black-and-grey palette.


The self-professed ultimate guide for a stylish life and home, Domino Magazine is based in the Big Apple, and now exists primarily as an e-commerce brand and media group specializing in presenting authentic stories and spaces that promote a “high vibrational life.” Their Instagram channel is a mecca of style and bold design technique, taking inspiration from mid-century modernism, contemporary styling cues, and high-brow recycled elements that combine to foster a visual environment of good taste, refreshment, and spirit.


Solely representing one of the most important spaces in the home, workspacegoals is a mosaic-style account that showcases the beautifully styled home office spaces of the world’s stay-at-home workforce. Using the hashtag #workspacegoals, users may elect to be featured, adding a democratic element to this unique profile. While this account presents much more than a strictly modernist design aesthetic, it also offers a plethora of innovative, inspiring workspace features, layouts, personalities and functions in spaces that are as varied as they are vibrant.


Boasting immaculate minimalist and modernist style sensibility, My Scandinavian Home, curated and written by blogger, Niki Brantmark, is a godsend of no-holds-barred modern interior design. It’s clean, precise, and elegant, while embodying a rustic, homey allure that helps to make her spaces warm and inviting, despite the overarching austere colour palette that typifies the canon of design. We especially enjoy the limelight she gives to modern living room libraries.


Welcome to the mind of Kirsten Grove, author of Simply Styling and Interior Stylist with a penchant for integrated, functional spaces that ooze style. The Simplygrove account offers snippets of immaculately designed bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and - our favourite - living spaces that are clean, crisp and blend a welcoming aura of modern style and thoughtful design.


Showcasing the upper echelon of interior design and staunchly industrial chic modernism, Interiordesign-addict has an Instagram account that focuses as much on modern architecture as it does beautiful furniture selections. Their unique and innate ability to blend use of crisp, sleek architecture with natural materials and textures offers a welcome juxtaposition of style, personality, and class.


261K people can’t all be wrong - this is a stunning visual treat for the eyes with a serious modern design catalogue to back up the reputation. Herman Miller’s Instagram account is chalked full of inspiring and collaborative interior design photos and ideas. This is one instance of a strictly modern furniture aesthetic that can effectively co-occupy a space with colourful and eclectic pieces and not simply become a contemporary space. If you’re looking for design inspiration that allows design mantras to co-exist rather than mesh well together, this is the spot.