Modern Living Room Furniture

The living room is the epicentre of entertainment, relaxation, and conversation in the home. It’s where we come together, and where we get to know one another — making comfort, style, and function key pillars of modern day furniture consideration.

Being the focal point of your home is a lofty task, meaning sofa and loveseat options need to embody the energy of your lifestyle, and your personality. When selecting the right sofa, sectional  or loveseat, remember that it will likely become one of the most extensively used investments you’ll make for your home. There are textiles to consider, sizes, colours, sight lines, style, comfort, and utility to deliberate. Full genuine leather to plush fabrics. Synthetics to organic cloths. The opportunities are endless.

Our living room offerings made been hand-selected for their innate ability to not only bring us together, but for their added ability to make us stop and stare. Whether it's a new sofa, a stylish TV Stand or simply a new coffee table; Impress Home Design has you covered. 

Single Fabric sofa- Navy Blue  Dimension :W37.5 x D34 x H27.5
3 Seater Fabric Sofa - Creamy Beige Dimension: W79 x D34 x 29.5
Dark Oak Display Shelf    Dimension: W33.5" x D12" x H65"  With unique design and beautiful dark oak wood, this book shelf is very versatile and can be a perfect touch to any open corner.
3 Seater Fabric Sofa   Dimension: W85.5 x D37 x H33