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Farrah- [Black]


Micro Fiber Leather 2-seater 

Dimension: 2-Seater: W59" x D37" x H31/38"


Our microfiber series with styles offered in the form of an armchair, loveseat, three-seater sofa and sectional (Farran).

Microfibre leather is composed of high grade polyurethane resin and ultra-fine microfiber bundles, combined together they mimic the microscopic structure of leather. The grains we commonly see in leather is mimicked using 3-D printing technology, where the grain is digitally uploaded onto a 3-D printing machine that will re-create the same grain pattern onto the microfiber leather. The final product is more durable, scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial and easy to maintain/clean.

Our microfiber series are suitable for all, particularly those with pets and/or small children.


Farrah - 2 Seater Sofa - Black Reviews

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